We Are the Professional Remodeling Contractor for Commercial Remodeling Project

As a business and company owner, you might have started from scratch. Building an office or commercial space should be planned carefully, and if your business is expanding but your space isn’t, there is no need to worry. You can always opt for a remodeling. However, you should call a professional remodeling contractor in Amarillo, TX. For one, MICS General Contractor is a commercial remodeling expert that can help you meet your requirements.

Why is it necessary to call a professional for commercial remodeling?

Remodeling Contractor Amarillo TX

Building construction mostly undergoes inspection and even requires permits. The same goes for remodeling. You can’t simply hire an ordinary contractor to start the construction right away without doing the process all over again. If you want your project to be approved, hire a professional for the project. They will be able to help you with the site preparation and ensure that they can provide exceptional results.



We are the professional remodelers that can help you.

MICS General Contractor is a professional remodeling contractor that can help you with your project. Our company in Amarillo, TX has been operating since 2012 and with this comes the experience that we all gained from different clients. Our work is comprised of major and minor projects from all around the area. You can trust our remodelers because we only house licensed and certified individuals. Also, if you work with us, we will help you secure the permit from the local government so you won’t have to stress yourself anymore. In addition, we use high-quality materials for your remodeling project will be durable and long-lasting. Not to mention that we offer our services at an affordable price.


Call (806) 305-0149 Whenever You Need Our remodeling contractor in Amarillo, TX!

If you are looking for a professional remodeling contractor in Amarillo, TX, you don’t have to search any furthermore. Call us at (806) 305-0149 today to schedule an appointment. Our commercial remodeling experts at MICS General Contractor are all capable of meeting your requirements.

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